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Book a FREE Strategy Call

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The staggering statistics behind obesity and childhood inactivity are frightening. Ben tackles the issues head on and evidences the social, emotional and academic benefits of PE.The book provides examples of strategies that can easily be adapted to suit any school.In my mind, the most exciting aspect of the book is the positive impact additional exercise can have on improving academic attainment and progress.The book is not just giving us ideas, but challenging us to not leave a generation of children inactive and overweight. I for one, am on board.

Dan Forward Assistant Headteacher at a London Primary school

The School Run Podcast

The School Run Podcast

Sport, PE and physical activity has so much to offer, from developing skills and technique to more personal qualities teamwork, communication and leadership.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Great to hear the journey.

“I think the topics covered are so important especially for our children and the role sport has to play. It feels like for too long sport has been under appreciated for the value and skills it can deliver and needs to be given more prominence. It’s great to hear the back stories of the sports people Ben talks to in the podcast which we can all relate to and be inspired by. I hope Ben succeeds in his mission in getting our nations kids active and enjoying sports.” – Dshep82
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Intriguing listen.
“Interesting how different sporting experiences during your younger years can shape the journey and values you uphold into adulthood. At the time you just never realise it!

Definitely recommend it” – AzzaT_080821

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As a teacher I always prioritised physical activity, I both actively promoted and knew the importance of PE in the development of children. However, after becoming a school leader I became increasingly aware that this was the first subject to have its time reduced and that I was an unwilling participant in this reduction in provision. I am sure that many senior leaders feel the same and it is a constant balancing act that we all face. Ben’s insights have made me reevaluate physical education and helped me to get it back in its rightful place in our curriculum without having to make compromises.

Thank you!

Marie Marchant
Assistant Headteacher at Bridgwater College Academy

This book resonates strongly with me from both my childhood experience and now as an educator. Ben tackles the issues raised in a practical way that are thought provoking but most importantly ‘doable’. The data analysis provides a strong evidence base behind the strategies he focusses on, to raise attainment through increased physical activity. Written on a practitioner level – strategies that can be implemented and actually work!

Georgina Maclennan
Headteacher at Woolavington Primary School

A refreshingly honest account of the recent current state of Physical Education, its impact in schools and clear and concise actions, supported by a wealth of research, to be taken to improve a critically important situation.

The UK has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe and the rise of social media and technology in recent years, as well as lack of opportunity and funding, has further created conflict in trying to reduce this. When children are at school, we have the greatest opportunity to make a positive difference to their physical, social and mental health and wellbeing through fun, engaging and effective PE.

Having been involved directly with Inspired Schools, I have witnessed first hand the differences that teachings using Inspired methods have made to children, staff and parents. Not only are schools delivering a consistent focus on healthier lifestyles, but they are also happier environments to be a part of with a high level of enjoyment towards to role of PE within learning.

Will Hammond PE Teacher at Ashley C of E Primary School

Will Hammond
PE Teacher at Ashley C of E Primary School
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