Our web app allows you to monitor the activity levels of each child at your school, enhancing the impact of the project and also PE at the school. The web app is fast and easy to use by both staff and sports leaders. It allows you to do the following:

Children Activity App Inspired Schools
  • Track activity levels of each individual at the school.
  • Monitor the amount of leadership minutes that are being accumulated by the sports leaders.
  • Create extra-curricular registers that can be stored on the system.
  • Log which type of activity the children are taking part in, i.e. PE, swimming, extra-curricular, ‘Inspired Playgrounds‘ lunchtime session.


Children Activity Dashboard Inspired Schools
  • Target group sessions – Identify those that are less physically active and put on specific sessions for them to increase their activity levels
  • Incentivise the project – Using the trophies, t-shirts and hoodies in the packages; reward the participants with star of the week/term/year and the
    leaders with t-shirts and hoodies to make the project sustainable over many years to come.
  • Sainsbury Sports Mark – Use the data to complete your application. By creating registers and recording sports leadership session you will have all the data you need to complete your application.
  • Heat map – View the types of activity participated in, you will also be able to see which days need additional physical activity. Providing the school with a thorough overview of physical activity levels, and planning accordingly
  • Inter School Leaderboards – Friendly competition between school
  • House competitions – Use the data to reward houses for their activity levels
  • Quantify – the impact of Inspired Schools/Playgrounds/5 and use this data to report on your Sports Premium Spend
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