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We are excited to announce that Inspired Somerset is becoming a ‘Community Interest Company’.

With the company becoming a charitable organisation, we will continue to be committed to encouraging more children and families to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Our range of activities will provide inclusive opportunities for everyone to participate and enjoy.

We want to provide more children with a chance to explore their passions, be part of a community, and something special. By promoting a love of sport and potentially the arts, we aim to encourage more children to lead active and fulfilling lives. By adding this CIC to Inspired School Ltd, we will be able to access funding to create more free opportunities to children and families in Somerset.

As soon as the company is formed, we will of course let you know of any opportunities that your children would benefit from.



At Inspired Somerset Community Trust, we are passionate about breaking down barriers to participation. Our goal is to make sports opportunities accessible and free for as many children as possible. We firmly believe that every child deserves the chance to discover their passion and embrace the transformative power of sports.


For those facing challenges in mainstream education, our trust serves as a beacon of support. We provide mentorship, guidance, and qualifications, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to flourish and become vital contributors to society. Inclusion is not just a principle for us; it's the foundation of our commitment to building a more equitable future.


Empowering young leaders is at the heart of our mission. Through our leadership program, we guide and support individuals on their journey to becoming sports coaches. We believe in cultivating leadership skills that extend beyond the field—skills that enable our participants to make a lasting difference in their communities.


Knowledge is a powerful catalyst for change. That's why we are committed to supporting research and data collection in areas related to physical activity, physical education, health, and well-being. Our impact goes beyond the playing field; we aim to enrich lives through the valuable insights gained from research initiatives.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements! We can't wait to introduce you to our dedicated trustees and share details about our upcoming launch event. Get ready to join us on this incredible journey. Watch this space.

What sets us apart from other companies in Somerset?

Inspired Leadership Academy
Children Seeking Asylum
FREE Holiday Camp Provision

Projects currently being delivered by the
‘Inspired Somerset Community Trust

Leadership - Inspired Leadership Academy 1
Leadership - Inspired Leadership Academy 2

Leadership - Inspired Leadership Academy

Our 'Inspired Leader' program has proven to be a transformative journey for young, aspiring sports coaches.

Our 'Inspired Leader' program equips young leaders with essential skills and mentorship, preparing them for success in coaching and beyond.

About the 'Inspired Leader' Program:

Cohort 1 of 16 have now graduated.

Cohort 2 will begin in February 2024. Applications open in January, coinciding with an event to promote this exceptional opportunity.

Our program commences by offering leadership opportunities to young individuals aged 14 to 16, enabling them to assist our coaches during holiday camps and our weekly clubs.

Program Highlights:

  • A minimum commitment of 80 hours of leadership support.
  • Provision of coaching kit featuring your brand on the leadership kit.
  • Mentorship from Sam Armitage.
  • Leadership training - Level 2 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership.
  • Invitation to our annual celebration event.

Inclusion – Children Seeking Asylum

Inclusion – Children Seeking Asylum

The project addresses the critical needs of asylum-seeking children from Northgate Primary School during school breaks. These vulnerable children face isolation and limited resources, often confined to a North Petherton hotel. Through our holiday camps, they experienced a transformation, integrating into the school community and benefiting immensely from structured activities and a supportive environment.

This provision ensures these children have a safe, nurturing space during holidays, fostering their social integration, mental well-being, and providing educational and recreational opportunities that are otherwise inaccessible to them. It's a vital lifeline that continues to positively impact their lives, offering stability and a sense of belonging.

As a governor closely involved with Northgate Primary School, I have firsthand knowledge from teachers and staff who work directly with the children seeking asylum. Their feedback and requests for continued holiday provision for these vulnerable children are clear indicators of the community's desire for this project. Additionally, the initial success and positive outcomes observed during the previous participation of these children in our holiday camps serve as a testament to the effectiveness and need for such activities. Beyond formal channels, community members, including parents, have expressed their support for initiatives aiding the integration and well-being of these children in various informal conversations and engagements.

The anticipated outcomes of reinstating the holiday camp provision for asylum-seeking children at Northgate Primary School are multifaceted. Firstly, it aims to enhance the well-being of these vulnerable children by offering a safe and supportive environment during school breaks, mitigating their isolation and providing essential social interaction. By engaging in structured activities and learning experiences, the project intends to foster their emotional resilience, boost self-esteem, and promote positive mental health.

Moreover, this initiative contributes significantly to the wider community's well-being by fostering inclusivity and social cohesion. By integrating these children into the school community and providing access to educational and recreational activities, the project promotes a sense of belonging among them, thereby positively impacting the overall school environment. This inclusive approach not only benefits the asylum-seeking children but also enriches the school community by encouraging empathy, understanding, and diversity appreciation among students, teachers, and parents. Ultimately, reinstating this project is a step towards creating a more supportive, inclusive, and compassionate community fabric, enhancing the quality of life for all involved.

Inclusion – FREE Holiday Camp Provision

Inclusion – FREE Holiday Camp Provision

The Need:

During the bigger holiday periods during the academic year, namely Easter, Summer and Christmas we currently deliver the Healthy Activity and Food (HAF) programme across 10 venues in Somerset. Over Easter we had 1167 Day bookings and in addition ‘Villages Together’ provided 20 additional places per day, of which we filled 19 of them with a week to get them booked on.

This indicates that there is a need for funded places for the children of Woolavington and Puriton to access physical activity, and a hot meal each day.

Woolavington School are one of our HAF Camp venues and we usually get between 20 and 30 places that are always filled, further indicating the need for provision.

Further, the funding we access is only for the bigger holidays as outlined, and the provision proposed is for October, February and May Half Terms to tackle the inactivity crisis that has worsened post the Covid 19 pandemic.

We will run a varied and exciting timetable to ensure all children are catered for. Within the timetable there will be slots for children to select or choose activities. Activities include mainstream sports such as football, dodgeball, gymnastics, basketball but also teambuilding, wellbeing workshops, resilience, and fair play sessions.

Our experienced staff team, who are all fully qualified, employed, DBS checked will facilitate the delivery of the camps. Further, we aim to place the coaches that are already working with the children at their schools at the camp so there are familiar faces there for them.

Our insurance fully covers our staff in all eventualities at the camp and we take all the necessary information from parents, first aid requirements, photo consent and everything we need to fully safeguard the holiday camp.

We have copies of our staff’s pre-employment checks and DBS checks, plus insurance details if needed.

Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Physical activity
  • Hot and healthy meal each day
  • Childcare if parents need to work
  • A safe place for children that might be at risk at home.
  • A consistent role model from our coaching team that the children can rely on
  • A regular presence for the community, one that they trust and can rely on to provide a high quality and safe environment
  • Building on friendships, creating new ones
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop teamwork and resilience


Exciting News: Welcoming Our Community Trust Ambassadors!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our incredible ambassadors who embody the spirit and values of our Community Trust. Each one brings a unique perspective and passion to our mission.

James Hildreth

James Hildreth

Former Somerset Cricketer

James is a cricket legend, and his dedication to the sport inspires us all. He's committed to fostering a love for cricket in our community, helping kids reach their full potential on and off the field.

Laura Gallagher

Laura Gallagher

British Gymnast

Laura's journey in gymnastics is a testament to hard work and resilience. She's a symbol of dedication, and she'll be helping us empower young gymnasts to reach new heights in their sport.

Giles Moore

Giles Moore

England Disability Goalkeeper

Giles is a role model for perseverance. His journey as a goalkeeper for England's disability team showcases the power of determination. He'll be an advocate for inclusivity, showing that every child has a place in sports.

Sophie Luff

Sophie Luff

Western Storm Captain and Somerset Cricketer

Sophie's leadership on and off the field is remarkable. She's a beacon of excellence in women's cricket. Sophie will be inspiring young cricketers, proving that dreams can be achieved with hard work and dedication.


Ben Kirk

Ben Kirk,
Co-founder and Director


Marcus Holmes,
Co-founder And Director

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements! We can't wait to share our trustees and launch event details. Get ready to join us on this incredible journey. Watch this space.

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