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Inspired School – Awards Dinner

Friday 2nd December – 6:00pm – 10:30pm

🚨Enmore Park Golf Club 🚨


⭐️Enmore Rd
⭐️TA5 2AN

At Inspired Schools, we want to celebrate all things PE, sport and physical activity in Bridgwater, it’s surrounding villages and towns.

There are so many wonderful things that are happening, and heroes that are going unnoticed to provide opportunities to young people.  We want to recognise this and bring sport to fore front of everyone’s minds.  We know the power that it can have, learning about success and failure, friendships, role models, mental wellbeing, physical health and so much more.

The awards dinner is the first of its kind in Bridgwater, it isn’t sport specific and will be an amazing opportunity for players, participants, young leaders, clubs, schools, sponsors, volunteers, coaches and teachers to come together and hear inspirational, success stories that will hopefully inspire everyone in attendance and further impact young people of Bridgwater.

Our vision as always is to get more children, more active, more often and there are so many brilliant people that are already having huge impact and they need to be shouted about.

As such, the list of awards and details for each are below:

  1. Healthy activity and Food Programme Award
    • Free places at our holiday camps and weekly clubs have been made available for children on ‘Free School Meals’ and ‘Pupils Premium’. This award is for someone that has gone above and beyond to ensure that this demographic of children have been able to access the clubs and camps, to ensure that they are well fed and for some, in the safest places for them.
  2. Inspired Grassroots coach of the year
    • This award is for someone that goes above and beyond at a grassroots club, perhaps someone on the frontline coaching a youth team, or someone behind the scenes that makes things happen. Who stands out at your club that deserves to be recognised?
  3. Leader of the year x 2
    • We have a young leader programme that gives aspiring coaches and teachers an opportunity to gain valuable experience to help in their journey. We are awarding 2 of our leaders that have been excellent with their support, proactive in their approach and been a huge asset to us at Inspired Schools
  4. Outstanding achievement
    • A young person that has achieved something incredible. Perhaps they have won an individual award or contributed to a team’s success.  Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.
      • 1 award for 4 – 11-year-old
      • 1 award for a 11 – 16-year-old
  1. School contribution to PE award x 2
    • This award will go to a school that places PE at the top of their values. They prioritise PE and physical activity to such a level that the children love their lessons, every child is able to access at least 2 hours of PE each week, moreover, the school do all they can to ensure that every child is active for at least 30 minutes every day.
    • Again, we want to hear about all the amazing things your school does and what provisions are in place. We hope that this will inspire other schools to follow and provide the same opportunities for their children.
  2. Coach of the year
    • Who inspires the children at your club? Someone that inspires the children, that has a special rapport with them and a demeaner that positively impacts the children and parents.  Someone that delivers incredible sessions, where the children progress and develop to perhaps go onto bigger and better things or are inspired to live an active and live a healthy life.
  3. Inspired School coach of the year
    • One of our incredible staff that deserves recognition for their PE delivery and being a fantastic part of the team. Inspiring the children they teach every day and being a fantastic role model for the children to aspire to be like.
  4. Shining star of the year
    • Who is that person at your club or school that is positive in everything that they do. They impact every life they touch and are a breath of fresh air. Perhaps nothing is ever too much trouble, they put 100% into everything they do and without them the club, school or organisation just wouldn’t be the same.
  5. Transformation of the year
    • For someone that made the biggest improvement, perhaps on a participation level, perhaps on a coaching level. Someone that might have been disengaged with sport or PE, but now they are fully engaged taking part in, or running clubs and this has seen a transformation in their mindset.
    • Or perhaps it is someone that was struggling with their mental wellbeing, but through sport and being active, it has transformed their life.
  6. Community contribution of the year
    • Someone that supports the local community. The things they do perhaps go unnoticed, but without them huge numbers of children would be left without provisions in place.
    • Someone that might work at a local youth centre that is the perfect role model for children
  7. Team of the year
    • Celebrating a team that has achieved excellence this year. It could be improvement; it could be that they have won something.  We want to hear about it.
  8. Volunteer of the year
    • Who is that person that when kit needs to be washed, they would be the one that comes forwards? The parent that when a team needs a coach, they are there?  That person that when the offical doesn’t turn up they are the first to put their hand up?  Or that person that volunteers to be a welfare officer, but ends up sorting fixtures, kit and finances.  You know the ones we mean.
  9. Extra-curricular opportunities of the year
    • That teacher who delivers multiple clubs throughout the week. The one that ensures every child at the school has the opportunity to access a club every night of the week.

Inspired Schools Awards Dinner


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