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Does your primary school playground need a revamp? Would you like to increase the level and amount of physical exercise for children in your primary school? An Inspired Playground might be the right solution for you and can be funded through the ‘Sports Premium PE Funding

The Inspired Playgrounds Package – £6895


  • Fully installed playground = 5 activity stations
  • 1 year licence to the Web app
  • Whole day training and staff CPD.
    • Leadership training.
    • Staff CPD.
    • Web app training for leaders and staff.
  • 16 x Young Leader bibs.
  • Young Leader Incentive pack (16 x t-shirts, 16 x hoodies).
  • 80 x Inspired Schools trophies (2 per week)
  • 3 month training day and review. Bespoke to school needs
    • A refresher day for leaders
    • Teaching assistant CPD
    • One to one
    • Target group work
    • Lunch time supervisor training
    • Review meeting to ensure the project is exceeding expectations.
    • 3 month data review and report.
      • On the training day, we will discuss the data obtained and review this and suggestions moving forwards.
  • Termly reporting of key information from the app.
  • Celebrate physical activity from all of our schools, sharing good practice.
  • 9-month review, one of our team will meet with the PE co-ordinator and headteacher to discuss the project, data and success criteria we have promised to deliver. Plan for the re-subscription the following year.
  • Leader resources – cards with challenges to set the children during their sessions.
  • Teacher resources – both physical and online. Focussing on simple and easy ways to use the markings in lessons or classroom break.
Subscription in subsequent years – £2295

This will give you all of the above except the playground installation

How will playground activities for primary schoolshelp to enrich children’s daily lives?


Fitness Stations


Our versatile fitness stations promote physical exercise for children in the UK.

  • Clubs before, during and after school.
  • Healthy and active lifestyle lessons.
  • Refresher sessions before learning re-commences.
  • Clubs for target groups with low activity levels.
  • Gifted and talented sessions.
  • Learning breaks with TA’s, or whole class
  • 1-1 work.

Staff Training


Bespoke staff training.

  • Innovative ways to use the markings with little time or resources needed.
  • Training on how to use the web application.
  • Lunch time supervisor training
  • Teaching assistant training

Every Primary School can play a pivotal role in creating a healthier community,

  • Parent and Child Workout.
  • Fit at Work.
  • Pensioner programme.
  • Pre-school sessions.

Data Tracking

  • Termly reports on physical activity levels.
  • Incentivise the project.
  • Data on activity levels for the entire school.
  • Target groups.
  • We tick all the Ofsted boxes, use this report show off how you are spending your Sports and PE Premium.
  • Pupil premium data.

Create a more active, healthier and happier school.

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Healthy Children = Happier Schools

We are constantly telling the children that regular exercise has lots of health benefits and investing in Inspired Playgrounds was an immediate win-win. Not only to improve fitness, but it gave all of our children the opportunity to socialise outside of their year groups, whilst some of the older children also developed leadership and coaching skills.

This brought so many new characters to the forefront as their self-esteem went through the roof, this in turn improved academic achievements, confidence and we saw a definite improvement in concentration after each activity session. This without a doubt,  was one of the best uses of our PE grant as it didn’t just tackle ‘Physical fitness’ but mental health and growth too.

Ben and his team were amazing from start to finish; the training, advice and coaching was always professional and all of his team were all incredibly knowledgeable.

Marie Marchant - Assistant Headteacher

“The older children take on a lead role with the “Inspired Playground several times a week.  The younger children really enjoy it and come back into class ready to learn.  However, it is the change in the pupils who lead that activities that is most noticeable.

Their confidence has grown and they show true leadership.  So much so that several of the pupils have now signed up to take leading roles in other aspects of school life.”

Charlotte Side - Teacher

As a parent, we are pleased and proud

He likes having responsibility, he’s able to impart his good skills onto young children.

Bringing all of his good qualities together, and something that he could really shine in to build his confidence

As a young man, you can see him growing in confidence, huge confidence.  Out of school, when we are out of the comfort he still has tat confidence.

Ellie - Parent of a sports leader

I wanted to be a sports leader so that it would help me gain confidence and I like inspiring people to get more into sport and get fitter and do more clubs and the world would be a happier place.

Jo - SportsLeader at Trull

‘More children are being active at lunchtime using the playground. They are making up their own games too’

‘We have children asking all the time to play games. They would sit and watch before but now they are joining in’

‘I think the playground looks really good and I am proud of being a PE prefect and getting children active’

Ellise Owen - PE Lead
Inspire Your School Today!


  • What activities can we do on the school playground?

    There are many activities you do on a school playground, however the answer to this question depends on the age and interests of the students. For instance, children can have fun by swinging, climbing on slides, playing on overhead equipment, and engaging in ball games. These activities provide a way for children to stay active, develop their physical abilities, and socialise with their friends in a safe and fun environment.

  • What are the objectives for a school having an Inspired playground?

    The objectives of having an inspired playground at school are to create an environment where the child can grow physically and intellectually. An inspired playground strives to create a fun and engaging environment that encourages physical activity, healthy habits, the development of self-confidence, and the advancement of critical thinking skills.

  • What is the purpose of a school playground?

    The school playground provides an open space in a school that promotes engaging activities, and collaborating with each other. It allows students to take a break from their studies while successfully developing soft skills such as decision-making, leadership, and generating creative ideas which will help them in adult life.

  • What skills will children develop by being active on the school playground?

    Playground activities teach children a wide range of physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities such as problem solving, balance, muscle strength, empathy for one another, teamwork, and the ability to get back up after falling several times.

  • What is the role of a school playground in child development?

    The school playground gives children the chance to socialise with others while also giving them opportunities for physical activity. Playgrounds aid in the development of children’s physical, cognitive, and social skills, as well as their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving ability. Schools encourage healthy lifestyles and contribute to children’s overall well-being by encouraging children to engage in outdoor play, while also offering a space for children to rest, release energy, and have fun.

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