Playground Markings For Schools And Nurseries

Are you looking to make your school playground more interesting and fun for the students with playground markings in UK? If you answer the question with an yes, then you have come to the right place. Inspired playgrounds offer dynamic and bespoke solutions to transform your school playground into an exciting and engaging space for your students to play, have fun and learn at the same time.

Playground line markings are a vital component of physical education/ PE in primary schools in the UK that help a lot in a child’s development. As they can make fitness more enjoyable for kids while also promoting sports in a fun way. Playground activities are also linked with a child’s development in other areas, such as socialisation and academic learning.

We provide professional thermoplastic playground markings service in the UK, which lasts ten times longer than paint. The materials used in our thermoplastic playground markings are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear. Our playground markings for schools are also eco-friendly and safe for kids. By providing playground marking for primary schools, we hope to reduce childhood obesity in the UK and provide an outlet for children to play and have fun.

We at Inspired Playgrounds provide various types of playground markings for schools for education, games, sports as well as decoration. We also provide other playground solutions such as Sprayed courts and markings, fitness trails, etc. You can choose from our wide range of services listed below to find the best playground solution for your school.

What we offer

Inspired Playgrounds

  • 5 Fitness Stations
  • Sports leaders, Staff, MDSA and TA Training
  • Incentives Package
  • Inspired Web Platform and Activity Tracker
  • Resources for every Stations

Fantastic 4 Square

The UK’s fastest growing playground game

  • Improved Behavior
  • Competitive
  • Fun


  • Brand New Game
  • Quick-hit Markings
  • Training Day
  • Resources
  • Equipment
  • Dynamic, Fast-paced Game
  • Community Workout

Inspired Pickleball

  • Hugely Popular Game
  • Pickleball Markings
  • Equipment
  • Resources
  • Training Day
  • Community Workout

Educational Markings

  • We have built a bank of new, Educational Markings that will support your
  • Curriculum
  • Maths Markings
  • English Markings
  • Plus they look amazing

Sports Courts and Fitness Trails

  • Some of our most Popular Markings are still our Sports Courts
  • From Netball, to Tennis, to every popular 4 Square
  • We have a range of Fitness Trails to choose, but quite often design something to specification, just for you
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  • What are playground markings?

    Playground markings are outdoor floor markings in the form of design, geometric shapes and games like snakes and ladders to create a more engaging and fun environment for children.

  • Why are playground markings so important for schools?

    Playground markings create a fun, engaging and creative space for children encouraging different sorts of playground activities for primary schools. Investing in such playground markings for primary schools can help you offer the students an opportunity to develop social skills, and boosts physical activity, social development and learning.

  • What are the benefits of playground markings?

    Playground markings encourage children to stay active on the ground by playing various games which promote physical, emotional and social development. Here are a few other benefits:

    • Makes the playground look more vibrant and exciting.
    • Creates a safer space for children.
    • Stimulates imagination and creativity.
    • Reduces bullying.

    At Inspired Schools, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of children from a younger age and designing active, healthy and happy schools.

  • What is a unique feature of playgrounds?

    Playgrounds offer children a safe space to explore, experiment, and interact with others. Multiple play equipment such as slides, swing sets, climbers, and tunnels, encourage children to develop activities such as team-work, balance, coordination, and decision-making.

  • What are thermoplastic playground markings?

    Thermoplastic playground markings are a type of durable and long-lasting surface design commonly found on playgrounds, schoolyards, and other recreational areas. These markings are made from a special type of thermoplastic material that can be heated and applied to a variety of surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, to create colourful and engaging designs and games for children to play on.

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