Delivering over 300 hours in Somerset

At Inspired Coaching in Somerset we are committed to providing a range of ‘Outstanding’ physical education coaching services to Primary Schools within the County. Our school delivery team are dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated to deliver high-quality Physical Education, supporting the fundamental development of children, continual professional development of teaching staff and raising activity levels within the school community.

We are proud to currently deliver 300 hours of P.E. provision within Somerset every week, with our philosophy of More Children, More Active, More Often at the heart of everything we do.  Our belief is that every child should be given the opportunity to fall in love with P.E, supported by a dynamic scheme of work, great role models and a happy, positive environment.

For us, two key things that we need to see in our P.E. lessons our Active children and Smiles on faces!

What sets us apart from other companies in Somerset?

What sets us apart from the rest?

When Ben Kirk and Marcus Holmes founded the business in 2013. Both professionals carried with them excellent reputations through their previous work for Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership. Ben, an ‘Outstanding’ PE teacher in the UK as judged by Ofsted in his NQT year and Marcus, with 20 years of experience working within physical education teaching and coaching, Sporting Governing bodies and Community Inclusion Projects, knew that it was VITAL that these standards were maintained and improved, constantly striving to be better.

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5 Key Areas that make us the best:

  1. Staff are employed
    • By employing our staff year-round, we have kept our staff turnover low.
    • Schools get continuity of the same person delivering each week
    • Children build rapport with our staff team
    • We are able work in the community, providing services to help children become more active
    • Integrate into the school staff team
  1. Staff are observed
    • In line with what schools would expect of their teaching staff, we formally observe twice a year, with additional support when and where this is required. Sometimes an unannounced drop in!
      • Maintain quality assurance to our schools
      • Help develop our staff with expert feedback from our directors and lead coaches
  1. Staff CPD
    • In order to conduct proper PE teacher training, we hold formal staff CPD 3 times a year.
      • Quality assurance
      • Build a staff team that can share good practice
  1. Cover ALWAYS provided
    • One area we often meet new schools is that their current provider has let them down and not provided cover.
    • We have in-house team that does this and if they are already in place somewhere else, we use a cover agency to ensure the school has someone, even if this is at a cost to us.
  1. Deliver from our own schemes of work
    • Our ‘Head of Schools and Community Development’ has created a wonderful scheme of work that all of our staff now deliver from
    • We provide a curriculum map for the year detailing what will be covered each term
    • Then a more detailed breakdown of what will be delivered in each unit of work
    • This is then used if ever cover is required to ensure a seamless transition for the cover physical education coach

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PPA Cover

PPA Cover

This is time set aside in every teacher’s week for Planning, Preparation and Assessment.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to deliver regular lessons into our partner schools, working with children on a weekly basis to ensure that they fall in love with PE, sport and physical activity.

We believe that this can offer the perfect blend of high-quality PE provision with an external company delivering in combination with teachers to ensure the children get 2 hours of enjoyable, active PE lessons during the week.

This is fully supported by our curriculum map and schemes of work, ensuring the children are learning and progressing through various sports and activities, whilst having fun and building other vital skills such as teamwork and communication.

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PE Sports & Physical Activity UK

We offer a range of clubs with our partner schools and aim to deliver whatever is needed by schools.  It is worth noting however that we do not offer stand-alone clubs and clubs must be a part of additional delivery at the school.  This enables us to recruit a better standard of coach, as we can offer more substantial hours to them.

  • After School Sports Clubs – High energy sports clubs after school provision for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children
    • Often, we term these multi-sports clubs and will change the activity being delivered every half-term, or every 3-4 weeks.
    • This enables the children to get a broad range of experiences throughout the year.
    • That said, we also deliver sports specific clubs in schools that want a more specific offer throughout the year. This is often to support other clubs that are already established.
  • Early Active Sports Clubs – Start the day with an activity blast before school in the morning. A fantastic way to raise activity levels within the school community.
    • Feedback from these clubs is that they are the perfect preparation for children to start the day. They are alert and ready to learn after the early morning session
  • Lunchtime Clubs – The perfect way to add some additional physical activity to the school day.
    • Schools have a captive audience and do not have to rely on parents collective and children wanting to attend.
    • These sessions are often used as a physical activity booster. For some children, during the school day is the only time during the week where they will exercise. We have to maximise that opportunity.

Adventure club – Term it what you will, but we have had success terming it an adventure club, targeting those children that might struggle in a mainstream lesson or are less active.  Again, it is the perfect time to run this type of club.  See our book for more information on some success stories when running an Adventure Club. www.inspiredschools.co.uk/bookresources

Target Groups

PE & Sports Premium Groups

Target Groups

A fantastic way to use your PE and Sports Premium is with targeted sessions for specific demographics of children.  Our mission is that EVERY child finds a sport or physical activity that they really enjoy and continue this for the rest of their lives.  Target groups are a perfect way to help children to do this.

  • Gifted & Talented provision – Specific sessions aimed at children identified by the school, to stretch, challenge and support the development of individuals and group.
    • Whilst these children are often attending clubs outside of school, it is still an opportunity to introduce them to new exciting sports and to help them improve. The drop off levels are still really high when children go to secondary schools, especially for girls and we want to broaden their experience and build confidence to help with this transition.
  • Coordination/Mentoring/Developing confidence through PE groups – Specific sessions to support individual children identified by the school.
    • This is a wonderful opportunity for schools to provide additional support for those children that might be less active, or struggle in a mainstream lesson.
    • A chance for them to take part with their peers and feel safe and confident.
    • We want to build confidence, help children to experience new sports and activities in the hope they want to continue this beyond Primary School.
    • We have often used sports leaders to assist with these lessons and they act as the perfect mentor for the children attending and building new friendships in circles they perhaps wouldn’t have before, been a part of.


We are currently delivering two workshops through the academic year…
PE & Sports Premium Groups


At Inspired Schools, we realise that the last 2 years has seen physical activity levels drop and also resilience in the children we teach and we want to do something about it! Recently we delivered a full day of ‘Building Resilience’ workshops and given its success we have taken the content and created a 6 week block of work for your children to take part in, consisting of 2 hours per week, delivered during a morning.

Video from Woolavingtonhttps://youtu.be/f6aHAd_dv5I

The aim of the workshops are to take children out of their comfort zone through a series of individual and team challenges, for children to be comfortable in taking risks, understanding that failure is OK, in fact it can be really positive.

physical activity levels For School

Team Building

During the teambuilding workshops we want children to:

  • Improve their communication skills
  • Understand and have empathy for other children
  • Take on different roles within a team structure
  • Work effectively in different groups
  • Put forward ideas and solutions
  • Accept other’s opinions and thoughts

We will do the above by setting challenges and delivering outdoor sessions from orienteering to activities such as ‘crossing the river’, as well as competitive team games to see how the children respond in different environments.

£30 per hour, £60 per morning = £360 for the 6 week block

Staff CPD

Primary Schools are experts

Working together with class teachers, our staff will deliver high quality P.E from our P.E. Scheme of Work, supporting staff to become confident in P.E delivery within the school day.

  • A chance for school staff to observe, deliver alongside and gain experience in what can be a difficult subject to teach.
  • Feedback has been that seeing different activities and games, ways to organise the children and transition from activities is really useful, even for established school staff.
  • We recognise that Primary Schools are experts in the classroom and we see it as a brilliant opportunity to extend this into a PE environment

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Create a more active, healthier and happier school.

PE and School Support


We also provide schools support in the following ways:

  • Sports Leaders project – A bespoke sports leaders project to develop confidence in children, to enable them to support children with activity sessions at break times and lunchtimes.
  • INSET days – PE specific support, either as a twilight session, or a section of an INSET day. This can be bespoke to the schools needs, but some ideas and sessions we have delivered before include:
    • Behaviour management in PE
    • Transitions into activities
    • Managing invasion games
    • Chaos in PE is ok!
  • Schemes of work
    • It is our aim to make our schemes of work available to all partner schools

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Healthy Children = Happier Schools

“The school is allocating the primary sport funding effectively by providing all year groups with HIGH QUALITY sports coaching from an external coach.”

“Additional sports funding is having a strong impact on standards. Pupils now enjoy a wider range of sporting opportunities, and are achieving greater success both in school and local competitions.”


Inspired Somerset not only provided our school with high-quality, engaging and fun P.E sessions that our whole school enjoyed engaging with. They also provided some of our children who had low self-esteem and needed a boost to develop their social skills and confidence in P.E. with small group intervention. These sessions were tailored to the groups overarching needs and provided them with an opportunity to develop these skills in a safe, trusted environment with a skilled member of staff who had the ability to bring out the best in them. The children looked forward to these mini sessions and we quickly saw the impact it had on the children’s progress, not only during P.E. sessions but also in the classroom as well. Lately, we have also been having intervention lessons planned by our Inspired Coach which have supported children with gross motor skill difficulties and we have also seen this to be advantageous for those children when in the classroom too!

Hannah Stevens - Assistant Headteacher

Ben is an outstanding coach, and consistently delivered lessons of a high standard to pupils throughout our junior school. He built up a fantastic rapport with all pupils, improving their engagement with PE and sport, and motivating them to achieve to the best of their ability. During an OFSTED inspection in 2014, Ben was observed in a PE lesson, and the quality of his teaching was commented on as a strength within our outstanding school.

We asked Ben to deliver CPD for class teachers to further improve our provision in PE and sport. At the time, there were varied levels of confidence and skill amongst the staff; however, we were inspired by the positive impact Ben’s coaching had on our pupils, and were keen to learn from him. His ability to adapt his approach to match the needs of the individual staff member was impressive, and demonstrated the depth of his expertise and experience. For teachers already confident in PE, Ben was able to excite and motivate by sharing new ideas and approaches. For teachers needing more support, Ben was generous with his time and resources: teachers were involved in observations, team-teaching, planning and ongoing dialogue to develop their confidence and skills in a way that ensured a lasting impact on the quality of teaching, and attitudes towards PE. A significant part of this success was Ben’s approachable and supportive manner, encouraging teachers to ask questions and engage fully with the process. By the end of our CPD with Ben, the team had gained a shared belief in the importance and impact of high-quality PE, and were more confident in their ability to provide this.

Sam Gange - Headteacher

My daughter …….
Really enjoyed the holiday camp
She got plenty of exercise and had a lot of fun her favourite was Dodgeball 🙂and she said she wished there was always this camp available when it’s half term or a holiday. So well done to you and your staff.


Ben’s INSET for staff as well-received and gave teachers new ideas and approaches to teaching gymnastics and warm-ups. This input has ensured that the Sports Premium has left a lasting legacy for sports standards at our school.

The after school clubs and holiday sports activities Ben has run have always been well-attended by children of all ages. Children report that they think he is a ‘Brilliant teacher because his lessons are fun and we’re tired by the end’

(Paige & Phoebe, Year 3).

I was delighted to extend Ben’s teaching contract for a further year this year. I would highly recommend him to other schools looking to improve their current sports provision.”

Ro Roberts - Headteacher
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  • What are the objectives of physical education coaching in primary schools?

    The objective of physical education coaching in primary schools is to promote physical development, motor development, and healthy habits among children. Physical education coaching also supports Cognitive and mental development, social and emotional development, by promoting teamwork, cooperation, and self-confidence.

  • What are the 4 key principles of sports coaching?

    The four key principles of sports coaching are optimism, learning, engaging and being organised.

  • What is the scope of coaching in physical education?

    Physical education coaching is an essential component of the development of children aspiring to be athletes at all levels, from beginners to top competitors. It consists of coaching and helping aspiring athletes in developing their abilities, techniques, and physical fitness. Coaches assist them in setting and achieving goals, developing training routines, and providing feedback to help them improve their performance.

  • Why is coaching important in schools?

    Coaching plays a crucial role in guiding students, ensuring they are free of any distractions. The coach unlocks the individual’s potential and shows them the right path to achieve success by challenging their values, behaviours, practices and beliefs.

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