3 simple tests to see if your Sports Premium investment will create a legacy and have a long term affect.

As a teacher and now Headteacher or current PE coordinator as well you will be will be more than used to new initiatives being introduced by the Government, County or even your colleagues, all in the name of improving provision for your pupils. How many of these have you been part of or even instigated yourself?

The Government’s Sport Premium money must be spent on ‘additional and sustainable improvements’ so how do you know that your spending with have a long-term affect? 

  1.  The new initiative you’re bringing in requires a lot of leadership and support from you on a termly, weekly or even daily basis. If you left your school at the end of the year, would it continue? Is your idea sustainable without huge input from you personally? Is it easily explainable or, could the children themselves take ownership and continue your good work? Would they want to?
  2. Sport Premium money should be spent on initiatives and resources that will last and have an impact for years to come. Will the 2025 cohort of pupils really benefit from those skipping ropes and footballs you have just purchased for the playground?
  3. You spend some of your money on a day’s CPD on teaching gymnastics and upskilling your staff on safe practices in PE. At the end of the year, three teachers move on to other schools and one if off on maternity leave. Over half your staff are new in September and the state of your gymnastics teaching is back to where it was a year ago.

Are your spending and action plans future proof? Will new teachers or even a new SLT be able to deliver and support your carefully thought out plans? Any improvements should be easily explained and adopted / taught by new members of your team.


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