Enthusiasm, passion, drive, determination, infectious, fun.

I felt all of this after speaking with Alex for the School Run Podcast.  When speaking to someone with such passion for what they do, it always make me think, ‘could we be doing more’.  Everyone that works with children, whether you are a teacher, coach, volunteer, teaching assistant, or lunchtime supervisor, can all make a huge difference.  Everyone that I have spoken to can almost instantly remember someone that impacted their childhood and I think we impact young people more than we realise.  This can be coaching or teaching, or simply by supporting and being there for someone. Just give it 100% and be there for the children in your care.

Learning more from your losses isn’t something new to ‘The School Run Podcast’, but it is worth mentioning again as it is so important.  Creating environments where children are able to express themselves, without fear of failing, they should feel comfortable to try new things, be creative and solve problems on their own.  Then if they make a mistake or get an answer wrong, they will be willing to give it another go, to keep trying until they do get it right and this is so powerful.  Even more so if we encourage problem solving, and let children work out their own solutions, they become problem solvers and will start to take ownership over their mistakes.

I loved this episode and I hope you will as well.

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