I am delighted to welcome a special guest and co-shot to the podcast – Kate Alder

Kate was on the only the 3rd episode ever of The School Run Podcast which was released in May 2021

·      Since then Kate has become a mother to now 9 months old Beau and started a recruitment company at the height of the pandemic!

·      I can’t wait for you to hear all about how she is managing everything as we explore work-like balance, running businesses and being a parent.

We explore:

– What are your values and what is most important to you?

– Me failing to juggle school correspondence!

– Kate’s incredible work ethic and getting back into rugby

– Kate launched a new business and then found out she was pregnant!

– Being the best version of yourself

– Being open and honest with your partner so they understand what you need and want and vice versa.

And lot’s more.  

I hope you love the new format as much as I did and I look forward to welcoming to next week’s episode 😊.

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