I heard this phrase listening to Eddie Jones’ book – ‘Leadership – Lessons from my life in rugby’.

It is the main topic this week and I will be unpacking what this means and how Eddie Jones described it, relating it to Christiano Ronaldo, Kevin Pietersen, and Shane Warne.  How players and children sometimes would rather look good and demonstrate skills rather than the character to be successful within a team environment or individual sport. 

As always, I bring this back to children and what implications it has for parents, coaches, and teachers.

The second section is focussing on opportunities and barriers that might exist, and prevent children from taking part in physical activity opportunities.  In my mind, I believe we need to do more to remove barriers to do all we can to help children and families be more active.

I also look at how negative news is more profitable and how dangerous this is for young people going into the world of social media.  Having listened to Johan Hari, it is easy to see just how damaging social media can be if measures are not put into place to stop companies like Facebook from making money from people’s attention on negative news, and the amount of time they spend online.  

Finally, a bit of a moan on an experience I had this week. Do people actually want to work?

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.  If you liked it, please bring a friend along next week, it would really mean a lot.  Have an awesome week and don’t get sucked in by negative news.

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