When speaking to my business partner earlier in the week, he said “children’s fitness levels are on the floor”, this stuck with me and I wanted to discuss it in this week’s episode.  He was covering a year 6 lesson and was shocked that the children couldn’t even jog across the length of a netball court without stopping. That’s only 30 meters!!

In the second part of the episode, I’ll take this further and talk about why I believe it is important to be active, children, schools, and families.  It is pretty obvious and clear, but it needs saying and as always I bring it back to fun, which for me is the most important aspect of raising physical activity levels in children, but also across the board.

The final discussion point is around strengths and weaknesses.  Leaning into strengths but looking to improve those areas we know are not our best.  This is important for parents as well, sometimes it is too easy to let our children focus on strengths, but neglect their weaknesses.  Don’t. They will thank you for this later in life, I hope……

If you want to jump to different topics, below are the timings:

0:53 – Children’s fitness levels are on the floor

12:41 – Why it is important everyone is active

22:21 – Leaning into your strengths and improve your weaknesss

Enjoy the episode.


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