Happy New Year everyone and welcome to a bit of a summary episode of the ‘The School Run Podcast’.

I recently watched Russell Howard’s Lubricant show and there was a section in it that really struck a chord with me, it was about moments and memories and how they should be cherished and that they are far more important than a selfie.

I also take a look back at the episodes from 2021 and what the podcast will have in store for 2022.  What would you like to hear?  What did you like, not like? Let me know and I will use this to shape future episodes.

There are likely to be more solo episodes which I feel will make the podcast more sustainable over the long term, but if you want your voice heard, or someone you know would be a great guest, please drop me a message. 

You can do this on any of the socials, or just over email. benkirik@inspiredschools.co.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you and here’s to creating more memories in 2022.

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