James’ passion and commitment to his work are very clear in this episode and actually, he shares many of the same values and beliefs we do at Inspired Schools.

He talked passionately about the health of the nation and how he believes we need to do more at the root of the problem, invest in our children, into getting them more active, and relieve the burden on the NHS and the crazy amount of money that is spent on obesity-related illnesses.

James is a grafter, he works so hard in his job and provides opportunities for many athletes at his running club in the evenings.  As you will hear, I joked that he has some time to squeeze more in…!  I sometimes get concerned with work-life balance, but James has brought his children into his working life and it sounds as though they are reaping the benefits of this.  They are around this environment, this high-performance environment and I know that his children will develop their personal skill set along with developing a healthy and active lifestyle. Inspired by their Dad.

James has inspired me to look into starting a running club in my local town, giving FREE opportunities to children in the Bridgwater to be active and be a part of a community where being active is celebrated.

What could you do?

If you want to find out more about James and what he does, please go to:


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