Laura was so honest in this interview and I hope that this will bring so much relatable content to you.

Just this Summer we saw Simone Biles, arguably the GOAT, the best gymnast we have ever seen get ‘The Twisties’ and once again, social media did it’s worst.  Comments like “she bottled it”, “get back out there”, “she’s letting her team down”.  These comments are usually made by people that haven’t competed in professional sport, and NEVER by someone that has experienced similar in their lives.

Laura experienced this in her trampolining, she was having nightmares, she couldn’t get on the trampoline for 10 months!  And, when she did, she was wildly out of control as she puts it.

She took herself away from the sport and actually took up hockey to get her mind away from everything.  She said she had so many things going on, the pressure of being a junior world champion and this euphoria, to then not being able to get onto a trampoline.  That must have been so tough for her.

Laura talks about her injury history and discovering she has coeliac disease and an under-active thyroid.  She has had so many setbacks along the way, but this culminated in her competing at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.  This didn’t go quite the way she wanted it to and has set her sights on the World Championships and even Paris in 2024, and I know that she will give it everything she can to get there.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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