This was a thinker of an episode, certainly for me.

It has made me evaluate our business practice and actually, I think we can improve what we are delivering into schools instantly. I am confident we deliver an excellent service into our primary schools, but I think by planning in leadership opportunities and other soft skills into, we can be even better.

I believe that through PE, sport and physical activity we have a unique opportunity to inspire children to be active and help them find something they love.  But more than this we can give them skills such as leadership, resilience, creativity, teamwork etc, that will benefit them in later life, when going for jobs, managing people and communicating with peers and adults.

I really enjoyed the documentary film ‘Steeler’, I found it thought provoking and I would recommend giving it a watch.


Bottom line – sport and physical activity can be transformative, we need to do all we can so that more children can experience this.


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