Why did we host our very first awards ‘Inspired Awards Dinner’?

  • In 2015, when the business started taking shape, in it’s 3rd year, I wrote out some goals!
    • One was to give back to Bridgwater and another was to inspire children and families to be more active
    • Transpire and Manifest
  • My own childhood was filled with opportunities at home and my primary and secondary schools.  I was so fortunate
  • I think children have fewer opportunities to be active and we see that as our job, to fill this gap and provide as many opportunities for young people to be active and moreover make these opportunities FREE.
  • And that is why we decided to host an awards dinner.
  • To celebrate all things PE, sport and physical activity
  • There are so many wonderful things that are happening, and unsung heroes that are going unnoticed to provide opportunities to young people.
  • We know the power that it can have, learning about success and failure, friendships, role models, mental well-being, physical health and so much more.
  • Here to celebrate those people, schools and clubs and raise the profile of sport and PE.

I also talk about our business values, plus my personal values as a parent, reflecting on the England football and cricket teams.



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