Schools who have used their Sports premium to maximum effect.

As you will know by now, primary schools in England are awarded an amount of money from the Government each year to make sure that children are active. This is called the ‘PE and Sport Premium’ funding and must be used to ‘make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education (PE), physical activity and sport you offer.’

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So, unfortunately it cannot be used to pay for PPA cover or the coach needed to get to your swimming lessons!

We have been doing some research to see how schools have been using their money.

Moredown St John’s CE Primary School in Bournemouth have been creative in spending the money to employ a subject specialist to deliver enrichment and intervention in the form of an “Activ8” club. This club focuses on general health of the children and the spend included the attendance of a local “Change for life” festival.

The school also worked with players from Bournemouth FC to raise the profile of physical activity through the school whilst also teaching the year six children about e-safety. Of course, the filming of the lesson by Sky Sports News and its showing on national TV may not be available to us all though!

Berrow C of E Primary School in Somerset have used their Sport Premium money to make an impact in areas across the whole school, not just PE. They have employed several subject specialists over the week to deliver CPD to staff in the form of team teaching.

The sports specialists have also been used to target smaller SEN groups with additional coordination and physical needs. Regular 30 minutes sessions have resulted in an improvement in handwriting, coordination and even concentration – all paid for with sport premium funding.

Summer term booster classes have also been provided for the year six swimmers as they already have 92% attainment at the end of year standards.

A Sports Leadership program was introduced a couple of years ago through the school and will continue this September. The children work with an external advisor to learn about leadership, the importance of physical activity and how they can best support the other children in the school to develop this. This leadership program is delivered by Inspired Playgrounds as part of the package they have purchased. It supports the daily use of the active playground markings installed. The money spent came directly from the sport premium funding and even now the markings and leadership training are having an impact:


What is probably even more interesting to the children is the purchase of further resources to broaden the provision. Children can now choose from boccia, circus skills, table tennis, climbing, yoga and even balance bikes as part of the day to day provision!


This school is showing us all how a little creativity with their budget spend can have huge impact across the whole school’s life.


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