Stuart is the epitome of a thirst for knowledge, he admitted during the conversation that school wasn’t for him and that he only went for the social life and sport.

But since then he has developed this thirst for knowledge and open mindest about taking on new ideas.  He attended every FA course he could go on and he has such drive to become the best coach he can be.

This is something that I am going to take on and incorporate into my own life and if I can instill these values into my daughters then I will be really happy in knowing that they will go through life, seeking knowledge with an open mind that they can always improve and develop themselves.  It is important that they find this themselves and as parents and teachers, we can provide the framework and enjoyment and ensure that we give them every chance to develop this mindset.  Also, we HAVE to adopt this mindset ourselves.

Through every failure there is a learning to take away, it is our job to find it and take the harder option by seeking it and wanting to improve.  Accept that you can always get better.

Stuart’s partner, Carol’s book – Joe Junior and the Dream Team – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1800941846 

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