I love speaking to Sue, I’ve only met her 3 times, twice on Zoom and once in person.  I always feel motivated and enthused after our conversations, but more so it always reaffirms that we are on the right track with what we are doing as a business.

We talked about so much in this episode, legacy, how Pe has changed over the years, but how it still remains so important in our eyes and much more.  It is our job to help schools realise the power of raising the profile of PE, physical activity and sport can have, if it’s put up there with Maths and English.

Sue talked about a school in Wakefield where parents can book to go into the school and watch any lesson.  How cool is that?  On last week’s episode I talked about the journey back to human, and this is an amazing way to start doing this.  Bringing the community together in relation to sport and festivals, which I think is the easiest way to involve parents.  I think that schools can celebrate this more than they do, bring the community in to watch the wonderful things that are going ahead (thinking non-covid times here, but still possible outdoors).  We typically make quite a big deal of sports days; I am a big advocate of having an inclusive sports day AND a traditional competitive one.  If you embed festivals and competitions throughout the year, bring the community in and it will bring a huge amount of pride and enthusiasm into the school and the most important thing is that children will LOVE it. Plus, parents might see their children thrive in a different environment which they didn’t know they loved.

The power of community.

Take a look at the resources section of the AfPE website, there is so much in there to support you in your PE journey.


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