When out running listening to Steven Bartlett’s book ‘Happy Sexy Millionnaire’, I was inspired to record this episode to review and give my thoughts on one of the chapters ‘The Journey Back to Human’.

In this episode I take a look at some quotes from Steven’s book about “Silicon Valley taking the life out of our lives” and how “18-37 year olds are the loneliest generation in human history”.  I review this and give my take, relating it to PE, Sport and Physical Activity and how these three things can have a huge impact on our journey back to human, the importance of human interaction and the relationships that can be forged through sport.

Have a think back to the most enjoyable parts of your life… For me, one was playing on the school playground with my friends, playing football, cricket, tag, 1,2,3 in and even street hockey at times.  Anything active, as long as we were together.  Amazing times.  We need to cherish these moments and schools should be putting PE right up there with English and Maths, because it will have a huge impact on the lives of young people and start our journeys back to human.

I hope you enjoy the episode.  The links to Steven’s book and podcast are below.  Hell, my book link is below as well, but get Steven’s first!





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