Why are girls dropping out of Sport?


Who better to talk about this than Kate!  Someone that has been faced by pretty much every barrier imaginable. We talk about a range of topics, some that I am certainly not qualified to talk about, but am fascinated to learn more on, so I can be the best Dad possible.


A BBC article, only last week saying that the total number of girls who stopped playing sport entirely went up from last year.


With one in four girls feeling unconfident to play sport in primary school, and this figure rises to one in three by the time they get to secondary school.


One of the main reasons they said they stopped playing sport is that they they don’t feel welcome in a male environment.


Elsa said: “I tried to join a football team but it was all boys and me and when we actually played, no one passed to me.”




What can we do to address this and ensure that more girls can find a sport or physical activity that they love?

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