Why children’s activity levels should be at the top of every Headteacher’s agenda.

Here at Inspired Schools we all have Primary School teaching backgrounds.

As we are all basically big kids at heart I thought I would go back to school and challenge myself to write an acrostic for this blog. See what you think!

Here at Inspired Schools we all have a primary school teaching background. As we are all basically big kids at heart I thought I would go back to school and challenge myself to write an acrostic for this blog. See what you think!

Attainment– research shows that active children “do better’ at school. More active children tend to get higher results in standardised tests. Get your children moving more and your results will improve!

Challenging behaviours – some children find it very difficult to sit in a formal lesson for an extended period of time. We all have different learning styles and even attention spans. Regular ‘brain breaks’ and short bursts of activity maybe all children with these more challenging behaviours need to succeed.

Time – setting up regular activity breaks and routines in the class can save teacher time in the long run. Time spent at the beginning of the year training the children how to take part in Dough Disco, Write dance, Active Maths or Wake and Shake will then give back planning and preparation time later on.

The installation of an Active Playground will also provide hours of focused, proven physical intervention for the children at no extra time cost to your school.

Inclusion – all levels of activity in your classroom can be adapted to make sure they are fully inclusive. Children learn so much from working in small groups with their peers to adapt and complete challenges. 

Value added – by teaching a creative, physically active curriculum you use your limited budget effectively to impact not only your pupil’s physical and mental health but also attainment as well.

Inspirational leaders – your active school needs active sports leaders. These pupils can be trained to become inspirational young people who develop both themselves and others. Their skills can be taken with them, preparing them for challenges in secondary schools and life beyond.

Teachers – we have all had lessons or even whole mornings in the classroom with things just aren’t going well. An activity break is often all that is needed to reduce the teacher stress in the middle of it all. An even better approach may be to plan the lesson as a physical activity in the first place. Graphemes or times tables written in chalk running around the playground are much more fun than whiteboards on the carpet!

Your school – will become a beacon school in your area/MAT. You will become an example of dedication and commitment to holistic child development:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • attainment
  • leadership skills


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