Why Do Playgrounds Have Outdoor Seating? How Does It Benefit Children?

Imagine a vibrant playground with colourful equipment, laughter, and cheerful children running around. Few places can match the enthusiasm of kids having a ball. But have you ever wondered why playgrounds also have outdoor seating?

Despite all the buzz, the setting looks incomplete without suitable seating arrangements. From promoting social interaction and imaginative play to providing a resting spot for tired kids, outdoor seating is crucial in enhancing children’s overall playground experience.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the presence of outdoor seating in playgrounds and the numerous benefits it offers to children.

Happy Play, Happy Kids: Find the Perfect Outdoor Seating for Your Playground.

A] How Does Outdoor Seating Benefit Children?

1. Creating Spaces for Social Interaction

Outdoor play is indispensable in developing social skills among children and playground activities for primary schools can deeply enrich their learning years. But parents and educators must take great care to provide a safe environment outdoors for children to relax and socialise.

I) Popular types of outdoor seating arrangements: 

  • Benches: The benches should be comfortable to accommodate both individuals & small groups. The visitors should find them ideal to relax and enjoy the activities.
  • Picnic tables: These are larger seating areas suitable for families and bigger groups. They are handy when people get food and toys on their outings. Ensure that the benches and picnic tables are made of weather-safe materials.
  • Rocking Chairs: A rocking chair provides a unique seating experience for kids to relax and indulge in imaginative play. Sitting straight also improves their posture and balance.
  • Hammocks: You can get a bit creative and install a few cosy hammocks for kids to play, swing, and rest.
  • Tire Swings: This is a classic playground accessory that doubles up as a seating option and play equipment. It helps kids collaborate and socialise while having fun.

Happy Play, Happy Kids: Find the Perfect Outdoor Seating for Your Playground.

II) Encouraging socialisation:

A school playground affords a safe environment for children to interact with their peers and build relationships. Kids imbibe invaluable life skills such as communication, coordination, and empathy when they actively engage in activities beyond the classroom. This facilitates healthy growth and development of children in their tender years.

III) Supporting collaborative play: 

Well-arranged seating areas can encourage kids to get together and engage in group activities. They learn how to behave in a group setting with a spirit of teamwork and collaboration when they get an opportunity to share, negotiate, and resolve minor conflicts. Outdoor plays also provide a wonderful opportunity for children to develop self-awareness and self-confidence.

2. Resting and Observation

I) Importance of rest breaks:

Children are usually hyperactive during playtime and end up overexerting themselves. They need proper breaks in between to recharge and rejuvenate. Proper rest keeps them fresh and energetic to sustain a hectic day at school. The normal growth of your kids may get stunted due to intense activities. So resting is also critical for their long-term physical and mental health.

II) Promoting relaxation:

Today, students are under great stress due to a host of factors. Academics, peer pressure, relationship issues, and family conflicts can be too much for young minds to cope with. Proper outdoor spaces on a school campus with seating arrangements can facilitate them to take a break, unwind, and observe nature’s glory at its best. A simple initiative can help to alleviate stress and prevent mental breakdowns.

III) Encouraging imaginative play:

Playing and spending time outdoors are great ways to nurture a child’s imagination. Outdoor games expand the child’s mental horizons by taking learning beyond the classrooms & textbooks. Seating areas serve as watching spots for kids to learn by observation. They get new thoughts to contemplate and new ideas to explore. Curiosity, creativity, and imagination play a key role in their future success & achievement.

Happy Play, Happy Kids: Find the Perfect Outdoor Seating for Your Playground.

3. Inclusion and Accessibility

I) Ensuring inclusivity:

Good outdoor seating can cater well to children with different physical abilities. It provides a safe and accessible space for all kids and especially for those with special needs. Being outdoors can also make them feel independent when they are exposed to unpredictable situations. But it is essential to design the playground to suit their specific needs.

II) Accommodating parents and caregivers: 

Parents love to watch their kids play a sport and excel at it. They feel the need to be with the child to motivate her and ensure her security. Adult supervision is a must to keep an eye on what the children do when they venture outdoors. Proper seating areas for parents and caregivers are necessary to drive a sense of involvement with the kids and make sure they are safe.

III) Creating a welcoming environment: 

Kids would be naturally thrilled to have their families cheering for them while they play. But the lack of proper seating at playgrounds is a major put-off. Comfortable seating options can help to make the playground more inviting for families. It encourages community engagement and also fosters a sense of belonging.

Happy Play, Happy Kids: Find the Perfect Outdoor Seating for Your Playground.

4. Connecting with Nature

I) Appreciating outdoor environments: 

Appreciating outdoor environments

Outdoor play is a great way to get your kids off the screens. Many research studies opine that kids who play outside are healthier and happier than those who don’t. Outdoor seating encourages children to venture out and connect better with nature. Learn how PE in primary schools UK can help your children live a better life.

II) Enjoying the surroundings:

Playground seating areas help kids to admire the beauty of nature and develop a sense of wonder about the whole creation. They appreciate their natural surroundings and become more conscious of the environment. They eventually learn to make responsible choices in life when they feel a sense of oneness with nature.

III) Enhancing sensory experiences: 

Excessive rock music and violent video games end up overstimulating your child’s senses. This can wreak havoc on their minds and create mental health issues later. But nature has a therapeutic effect on young minds. A nice playground with outdoor seating gives them a chance to see the bright sky, feel the breeze, taste the rain, hear the birds chirp, and smell the flowers’ fragrance.

Uncover how playgrounds instil life lessons in school children in our enlightening blog, ‘Top 8 Life Lessons Children Learn Playing In Playgrounds.’ Explore The Impact Of Outdoor play on social skills and cognitive development, enriching the learning years of primary students. 

B] Other Essential Playground Amenities: 

The perfect playground location and the right equipment may not attract visitors in hordes if they are not complemented with other essential playground amenities. It is important to know about these facilities and how they can benefit children.

  • Shade structures: Proper shade structures in playgrounds provide protection from the heat, especially during peak summer months. Kids may experience sunburn and dehydration due to excess heat. The strong UV rays can be very harmful to their skin. Shaded canopies near the seating area provide them with a place to rest & relax.
  • Drinking fountains: Kids need to stay hydrated and comfortable to enjoy their playtime. Easily accessible water sources are a must-have in every playground. Make sure you get the necessary permits from the local authorities to set up drinking fountains at a few places.
  • Trash bins and recycling stations:  It’s a no-brainer that families pack lunch and snacks when they have to spend time outdoors. Help them keep the place squeaky clean by placing trash cans all across the playground. Kids also learn to be more responsible toward the environment.
  • Safety features: A good playground design accords the highest priority to the health and safety of visitors. Soft ground surfacing is critical. Proper fencing can prevent trespassers from entering and loitering around the place. First-aid kits should always be handy to attend to accidents and injuries. Create a safe space for children with playground markings in the UK.


Outdoor play has a pivotal role in shaping a child’s personality. Playgrounds have outdoor seating to encourage social interaction, offer resting spaces, ensure inclusion, and deepen the child’s connection with nature. Outdoor seating nurtures the kids’ physical, mental, and social well-being. It enhances the overall playground experience for the young ones and their families.

Visit your local playground today. Witness for yourself the positive impact of outdoor seating arrangements on your child’s play experiences.

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